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From strategy to implementation.

I specialize in understanding your needs and developing human-centered solutions and innovations for your product.

UX Researcher with a curious and analytical mindset, offering 7+ years of experience in user research across various companies, ranging from recently founded startups to large corporations.

Experience in:

  • Developing user experience strategy

  • Driving UX maturity at all stages

  • Hands-on user research and testing, conception and experience design of applications, native and web-based 

  • Facilitating workshops

  • Internal and external communication

  • Utilizing research insights to guide business decisions


I am passionate about conceptualizing and developing seamless user experiences by deeply understanding user behaviors, motivations, and processes. My experience lies in identifying key insights, sharing knowledge on a broad scale and establishing a human-first mindset in the design process in small to medium sized companies. From early-stage startups to bigger scale-ups, effectively combining the interests of diverse stakeholders.

Combining a deep understanding of business goals with strong empathy and an instinct for human needs and behavior, , I am motivated to support you in creating innovative digital experiences and building your user research expertise. 

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Building a strong foundation for all UX efforts is key to cultivating a profitable human-first product culture in the long term. Drawing upon years of experience, I specialize in identifying optimal strategies and crafting roadmaps for success.


I aim to deeply understand people's behaviors, motivations, and goals and translate them into actionable items that bring product teams forward.

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I am experienced in planning, executing, and summarizing creative workshops and utilizing design thinking methods. By bringing together domain experts, internal and external stakeholders, and customers, I facilitate diverse perspectives to address problem statements and find optimal solutions.


I strongly advocate for knowledge sharing and actively provide training sessions to teams, individual members, and organizations. Equipping participants with the necessary methods and tools to enhance their understanding of research processes, empowering them to conduct independent research when required.

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Engaging the target group in idea testing yields invaluable insights into their perspectives and behaviors. I excel in strategizing, implementing, and assessing tests aimed at validating concepts and prototypes effectively.

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